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雞蛋蒸肉餅 GDJYB / EP 2014
雞蛋蒸肉餅出道的首張 EP。7 首原創作品,帶你品嚐這道不中不西的地道港餐。首版 DIY 蒸籠設計 CD 曾引起短暫關注,極速售罄。同年加推平裝第二版。EP 曾獲音樂網站 Bitetone 選為 2014 年度 32 張推薦中港台唱片之一,及台灣 KKBox 2014 編輯年度推薦的華語專輯。

Launched in September 2014, the DIY eye-catching steamer package design received a lot of publicity. Second edition is then released in November. The EP is selected as one of the top albums of 2014 by Bitetone magazine and KKBox Taiwan.

01. Intro / 02. Double Nono / 03. Philip the Buster / 04. Not My Name / 05. Where It Goes / 06. You Just Ran Away / 07. Bubble

榴櫣乜乜乜 Durian What What / Single 2015
2015 雨傘運動後的話題之作,GDJYB 第「半」首廣東歌。榴櫣乜乜乜一詞源自運動其間一件荒謬事件,歌曲藉著凌厲綿密的編曲,和簡單直接的歌詞旋律,帶出現今香港社會的激烈矛盾。歌曲由樂隊 Life Was All Silence 結他手 Jay Tse 負責混音後期,並成為港台人氣電視節目《我係乜乜乜》主題曲。

New single released in Aug 2015, the first half-Canton song of GDJYB. Derived from an unreasonable incident during the Umbrella Movement in HK, the song tells the intense conflicts happening in HK society. The song was mixed and mastered by Jay Tse, guitarist of Life of All Silence. It also became the main theme song of RTHK TV programme '我係乜乜乜'.