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King of My World's on the Top   


King of My World has reached the TOP! Thanks RTHK2 環球榜!!

Thank You for Jack Daniel's   


for inviting us to play at Nathan Left. From 22:00 till late, let's get high in Chochukmo Music and Jack Daniel's. Let's party all night!

Get Closer to the Top   


What's more good news brought to us by RTHK? We are so excited to announce King of My World has been charted on RTHK Radio 2 Top No. 2 this week!!!

27th International Pop Poll   


Thank you to RTHK2 for the invitation. Check out the review at RTHK2 online!



Looking forward to reaching the top next week! Thanks 環球榜!!

Number One Again!   


903 豁達推介 Number One again! Thanks to those who love and support King of My World!!!

An Incredible Opportunity   


being with the president of beats, Luke wood, sharing our love and thoughts of music, going through the production details of songs like "Boom Boom Pow"(Black Eye Peas), "In da Club"(50 cent), "One O'Clock" and "King of My world" etc. What a great lesson for us! Thanks beats for the invitation and please stay tuned for our coming interview with Luke!!!

獎你 G-SHOCK   


上載你的 G-SHOCK 相片到 Instagram ,15:40 前獲最多 like 的,即可獲贈 G-SHOCK 一隻!記得 hashtag #gshock

We Are in All City   


See you at 14:30, D2 Place.

Party in Versus Versace   


We will be playing at Versus Versace Music Event on 24/3 (Thu) 19:00-21:00 at Versus Versace Boutique, G/F Fashion Walk in CWB. Let's go and join the party RSVP. (Photo by

Getting Ready   


Rehearsal at the Soft Official Launch Party of The Opportunist Hong Kong (TOHK). Looking forward to seeing all the guests today!



This Sunday 13 Mar 2016, we are happy to star-guest at "Living in Love: Soft Official Launch Party" by a new startup business of the FY2016 - The Opportunist Hong Kong (TOHK). Sincere congrats and we shall perform a cool kick off for your prosperous future!

Interview by Hypebeast   


Check out our latest interview by Hypebeast, sharing our attitude of music, fashion and life.

Profile Pic   


上 Facebook 看。



最新單曲 King of My World 霸氣派台!



謝謝《MR》 雜誌邀請,Mike Orange 早前參與了由周國賢客席操刀美指的 8 週年紀念專題拍攝,想一睹周國賢、周栢豪、林奕匡、恭碩良、黎曉陽、黃靖、藍奕邦和 Mike Orange 8 位音樂武士造型,發掘音樂創作與武士道之間的聯想,切勿錯過已出版的 3 月號 MR 8th Anniversary Project 武士的背後。

If You Drop By......   


Come join us at I.T 99%IS x CAMPER Launch Party in CWB!!

Be Our Guest!   


Come JOIN US on this WED (24/2) 19:00!! We will be playing at 99%IS x CAMPER at 1 Hysan Avenue, cwb. Just visit our Facebook page, PM us with your NAME and CONTACT NO. The first 20 registered will be our guests for a wonderful party night!!

Let's DIMSUM!   


Stay tuned to Cultural DIMSUM at DAB-31, RTHK! We will be on air this Sunday at 8pm-9pm.

CDs at White Noise Records!!   


Check out our re-released 2nd album & merch (in small quantity) at 2591 0499 or 1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Prince Edward (Mongkok A2 EXIT)